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Rapid Assessment of Handwriting (RAH) is an universal screening tool for assessing handwriting proficiency, a surrogate marker of motor, cognitive, and educational abilities.


Handwriting difficulties affect 10-30% of school aged children and 1/3 of students with poor handwriting proficiency go unidentified

Feher et al. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 2007.


1 in 4 children enter kindergarten with some sort of delay in speech, gross motor skills, or fine motor skills.

Madigan et al. JAMA, 2019.


Handwriting difficulties remain the most common reason children are referred for school based occupational therapy.

McCarroll et al. Cogent Education, 2017.


A Response to Intervention Strategy for Assessing Handwriting Skills

The Rapid Assessment of Handwriting (RAH) is an easy to use and automated screening tool for the grade specific assessment of handwriting proficiency. It is rapid, objective, and designed for facile integration into a tiered approach to intervention. RAH was designed to foster inclusive learning environments and ensure all students can have access to cutting edge and innovative technology.  Given that handwriting proficiency deficits are the primary reason for occupational therapy referrals in the school setting, and that early identification and remediation of these deficits can significantly improve student outcomes and save school districts money, RAH offers a cost-effective solution with minimal to no disruption to normal school day functions/activities.

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Steps of the Rapid Assessment of Handwriting

Real time and 100% objective results allows Rapid Assessment of Handwriting (RAH) to identify students with handwriting proficiency statistically below grade level peers. Further, RAH provides immediate guidance on next best steps. Collectively, this aims to improve early identification and decrease therapy costs.


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Interested in Testing Rapid Assessment of Handwriting (RAH)? Join Our Pilot Study

We’re currently accepting application requests to join our pilot study as we enter our Phase 2 testing.

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